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Nanovator’s is a multi-services providing company. We are working in three different categories, Real estate, Surveillance, IT&Media. We are focused on delivering innovation that make’s life easier. We know that technology could break down barriers and broaden perspectives. we’ve been one of the largest and most comprehensive company for providing surveillance systems in town, with over thousands of successful cases.

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Nanovator’s works hand to hand with customers to develop solutions that solve or prevent challenges you face with surveillance. Our staff is expert in managing problems in the areas of Video surveillance, integrated systems, Tracking systems, and Commercial installation.

Video Surveillance

Video surveillance devices are essential to protect occupant safety from virtually any threat. Designers of office buildings, hospitals, university buildings and apartment buildings routinely rely on an expert video surveillance to develop systems that monitor unauthorized intrusions or provide early warning in case of emergency. Video surveillance includes IP security cameras, HD cameras, CCTV cameras, and wireless cameras.

Integrated Systems

Whether it’s a new construction or total retrofit, physical security, fire safety and even efficient energy management may be combined into one single network. Components of integrated alarms systems designed to protect occupants from fire and smoke can also monitor the physical security of the premises as well. Unlawful or unauthorized entry, fire detection and emergency evacuation coordination can be identified and controlled with these equipment’s. These equipment includes Fire alarms, security locks, intercom, and Biometric devices.

Tracking Systems

Tracking devices are very popular way of surveillance these days. There are many types of tracking devices but GPS systems are more common among them. These security systems are specially designed for your vehicles. In case you lost your vehicle or it’s stolen, you can manage to track your vehicle and get it back and also real- time locations can be tracked any time.

Commercial installation

Only a qualified, experienced and licensed company should participate in the design, installation, monitoring and servicing of security systems. Commercial installation for large buildings such as schools, hospitals, universities, apartment buildings and high rise offices requires extensive technical training to ensure safety and compliance. Our highly talented staff working successfully on commercial installation projects such as installation of CCTV cameras, security Alarms, locks and other surveillance system requirements.

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