Software development is the process by which any company, team, or individual devises and implements an overall plan to create a fresh software program. This process can also be applied to an established program to create a new version of the available software. Many steps are involved in this process, beginning with understanding, what is the requirement from software, developing a proper plan for creating it, writing the codes, and also bug testing prior to launch. Software development can be a process that involves anything from a single programmer to hundreds of individuals. In the process of developing software usually begins with research or a general understanding of what type of software is needed in the marketplace. This may be an entirely new program that addresses an unfulfilled need or a new piece of software in an existing market or maybe some changes for improvement. As development starts, this research establishes the purpose of the software being developed and the overall goals.
There are some steps to follow while software development, such as:

  • Identification of required software
  • Analysis of the software requirements
  • Detailed specification of the software requirements
  • Software design
  • Programming
  • Testing
  • Maintenance

Following these steps an impactful software can be created. At Nanovators we focuses on maximizing your business, profitability and making your company as brand through its web and software solutions. We create and represent your online identity. Through our services talking with your customers and target market is much easier.