CBR Housing Scheme (CBRECHS), more commonly known as CBR Town Islamabad, is one of the most up and coming neighborhoods in Islamabad. The housing society is in Islamabad’s and is going to be a shining addition to the real estate market of the city. The housing society comprises of two phases and is quite a popular area, so here is a complete guide for you!

CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Scheme is an old housing project in Islamabad registered under ICT department for co-operative housing schemes. After successful development and handover of its Phase 1 near on Islamabad express Highway, it has concentrated its efforts and resources on the development and expansion of its enormous Phase 2.

CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society is a name of outclass standard living. This is the quality and customer satisfaction that is very vital for everyone. NANOVATOR’s history proves that we have done what others are just planning to do. We have not only commitments and we provided outputs and implementations.

CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society has launched Phase II of its affordable land for homes project. The launch of Phase II will provide plots in different sizes for homes at very reasonable prices to middle man of our society. The project is set to raise the standards of affordable housing, with several facilities and multiple needs of the residents. CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society was able to deliver the first project in less than 36 months and was among the fastest developer in the affordable real estate segment.

CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society location is Right of Way Link to Motor way in process from Foreign Office ECHS to CBR Town Phase-II Link to Girja Road. CBR Development Work near to complete. CBR Phase 2 has Approximately 6500 members are registered in Phase-II.

CBR Employees Co-operative Housing Society has got the NOCs / MoU of Phase-II.

  • RDA NOC to Start Development work # RDA/MP&TE/F-PHS-17/550.
  • Civil Aviation Authority NOC # PD(BBIA)6278/550/10/ANS/817.
  • Ministry of Defense NOC # 6/26/Misc/D-28/2008.
  • IESCO MoU and deposited 25% grid sharing.



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